Wing Kingh was the brainchild of Sherman Gartrell, started in Oct 1999, he founded what was originally S&M Wing Shack. It would eventually become what we know today, built from humble origins. It was then Sherman created his signature Lemon Pepper wing sauce, which quickly grew from idea, to well known sensation. In 2004 he open in Commerce, Ga and up scaled to his first full sit down restaurant. After acquiring full ownership, the City of Commerce voted to rename the location to Sherm’s Famous Wings and More.  

Shortly after, Sherman partnered up  and open another location in Athens, Ga.  After an extensive Hiatus (2009-2020) he landed in Athens, Ga, where a large fundraiser event convinced him of the love the people still had for his food. His passion reignited, Sherman would go on to purchase his iconic bright red food truck, and begin his culinary journey anew. Now, you can find him at Commerce Burgers Home of  Wing Kingh, in Commerce, Ga, right across from the railroad tracks. Come on by!